Coneflowers: Easy Peasy Flowers

Coneflowers: Easy Peasy Flowers

How can you not just love Coneflowers? Their cheery faces greet me every day in the garden.
This plant is a native to North America, so that in itself says easy to grow.
Hardy from zones 3-9, Coneflowers are a feast for your backyard buddies. Bees, butterflies, and birds love to dine on the large flower heads. Deer won't bother your Coneflowers. They don't care for the texture of the plant.
2-4 feet tall stalks are strong and stay upright without supports.

Coneflowers come in a variety of colors from white to deep purples and reds. Many of the varieties will change colors as the bloom progress in maturity, giving you a mass of shades on one plant.

As the bloom matures and the head begins to seed, the songbird's will invade! They love the Coneflowers.
If you prefer not to have an abundance of new plants coming up from seed, I advise deadheading. Coneflowers are one of the best re-seeders in my garden.

If you have a sunny location in your garden, try filling it with the Coneflower. I have several new varieties on my list to purchase this fall. I'll add some more pictures when I get them!

UPDATE:  I have added "Green Twister"  to my garden!

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