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A Little About Me..Brenda (B of B's Plant IDs)

I have always been an avid gardener. I come by it naturally. 

Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, my mom always had a large garden and multiple flower beds.  When I was little, I looked forward to my dad running the plow through the garden, preparing the soil for planting. I loved to run through the freshly turned garden soil, feeling the cool dirt under my bare feet.

My mom's love of gardening was passed on to all of us.  My brother is a weekend farmer, my sister's garden beds look like something out of a magazine, and I continue to add flower beds to my yard. 

It took me years to appreciate weeding of the garden, but have grown to love the quiet time with nature pulling weeds. 

 Why B's Plant IDs?

About 20 some years ago, I found these wonderful plant markers.  They were the only plant marker that stood up to the hot and cold climates that is the Midwest.  I purchased a good bunch of them-or so I thought.  

When moving from Wisconsin to Ohio, I needed more of these wonderful plant markers, but I couldn't find them anywhere.  I took it as a challenge to track them down, and I did.....only to find out they were no longer in business, not because of the product, but other circumstances.

Me being me, I decided that gardeners still needed this wonderful plant marker, so I purchased the injection mold, moved production to my home county in Ohio, and got them back on the market.  Something this good had to be in the hands of the people that appreciate a quality plant marker.  

In addition to our plant markers, I wanted to bring Made in the USA garden related product to you as well.  Some are from outside vendors, some are made by me.  Not only do I love gardening, I also love all things creative. 

I hope you enjoy our site.  If you have any gardening questions, or want to learn more about my gardens, check out my blog.  I have some really good recipes that I have shared too.  

Happy Gardening!!