Flowers and Memories

Flowers and Memories

Have you ever had a memory stirred up unexpectedly? There you are, minding your own business and it hits you like a ton of bricks. That happened to me last year shopping for plants.

I have made it a habit to check out the sale racks at my local Lowes garden center. I have gotten some really good deals on plants that way. The best selection seems to be early in the morning. They mark down the distressed plants and over stock and put them on tall rolling carts in the back of the garden center. Everything from annuals to hanging baskets to trees. When I am flower shopping I tend to tune everything else out. I’m just admiring the little starts of life and picturing what they will look like in full bloom in my gardens. I was looking at all the tender babes on the bargain rack and found a flower that I didn’t have in my garden. The name on the little card sent me to instant tears.

On that day in the Lowes garden center I found the plant ‘Rolly’s Favorite Catchfly’. My dad’s name was Rolland, but most everyone called him Rolly. I think it was the unexpected look at his name that sent me into instant tears. He was a farmer and tended his plants with the best of them. He was a great dad, not perfect, but he did the best he could. He was always there for us and my mom.

I probably looked strange with my tears rolling down my cheeks while I looked at plants. I don’t really care. I placed my ‘Rolly’ in my cart and proudly took him home with me.

This is the second year for my ‘Rolly’ plant. Its fast becoming one of my favorites. The little pink flowers continue to bloom for weeks. It is a very cheery plant and will continue to fill out to a beautiful clump with a predicted height of 15-20”. This lovely zone 5a to 8b plant is of the carnation family and needs full sun to part shade. Mine is in the sun because my dad, Rolly, loved the warm sun. It brings me a smiles every time I look at it.

Original Post date:4-29-2020
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