God's Gift - The Re-seeders

God's Gift - The Re-seeders

This has been a strange year for me as far as gardening goes. I would probably visit 10-15 garden centers (or more!) any given spring. In 2020, with the stay at home order, I can count on one hand how many times I visited a garden center. Thanks to God and the re-seeders, I have pops of color in my garden.
This year God took care of planting and I have what I call my Covid containers. These are pots that, on any typical year, would be filled with purchased annuals. I didn't need to purchase anything for these containers. All of these flowers are thanks to God and the re-seeders.


2020 is the first year I have had Snapdragons come up from seed. I love the little pops of color dotting my rocks and flower beds.


Out of all the re-seeders, I think my favorite is the Bachelor Buttons. I started these from seed about 6 years ago and look forward to them coming back every year. Few flowers compare to this beautiful 2-3 feet tall blue cornflower. Each one of the little petals are like a little flower in itself. As much as I love them, the Gold Finches love them even more. They sit on our fence and check on the flowers daily waiting for the flowers to go to seed. Once the flowers fade and the seeds dry, the Gold Finches come in at about 7:00 am every morning and feast on the seeds. The flower bushes come alive, dotted gold, with 10+ Finches enjoying breakfast.


I have yet to get a picture of the Goldfinches... I have crawled quietly as close as I dare, tiptoed around the side of the house, tried to open the back door slowly, and sat quietly on the back porch but I still can't get these camera shy birds on film. If you look closely though, you can see a bee enjoying the flowers.



Re-seeders are truly a gift from God and in this crazy year of 2020, for me, more needed than ever. It is a reminder of how much our creator loves us and cares for us, in even the simplest ways.



Original Post Date: 6-23-2020

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