Ooh Lavender!  I Need MORE!!

Ooh Lavender! I Need MORE!!

I always thought lavender was a finicky plant and hard to grow. I had a lavender plant when I lived in Wisconsin, and it died after I attempted to move it. After that experience, I would just overlook the lavender plants when I was shopping.
Two years ago, in my attempt to jump on the herb bandwagon, I purchased a lavender plant. I knew very little about it, so I just stuck it in the ground and hoped for the best. (That is the way I do most things.. jump in and ask questions later!) Much to my surprise, it thrived!



The plant I purchase is a Hidcote Lavender. (I know because I labeled it with my B's Plant IDs!) Lucky for me, it is one of the most hardy English lavenders, growing in zones 5-9. It's compact size, growing to only 20 inches tall, is perfect in my little herb garden. It loves the well drained soil and the open and sunny area I have it planted. Seems God was watching over my shoulder when I planted it in the perfect location. I thought I felt a nudge!


Wanting more of this great plant, I started several from cuttings. It is simple really. Just cut off a nonflowering stems about 5 inches long just below a leaf node. Strip off the bottom 2 inches of leaves, dip in root starter and plant in potting soil. (Make a hole in the soil and stick the cutting in. This will keep the root starter from being knocked off.) Now, water but don't over water. This is the hardest part for me. I either don't water or I drown it.


I have them sitting out on the back porch, out of the sunlight, with a plastic bag over them, making sure the bag doesn't touch the plants. (fungus can be a problem) The bag acts like a mini greenhouse. In about 6-8 weeks I should have roots on my shoots! I'll plant them in larger pots and keep up sizing them until they are ready to plant in the ground.

So far so good! It's been a week and I can see some little new growth...It's alive!

I'll keep these little ones alive, but in the meantime, try this with one of your favorite plants. The process is simple, and if it doesn't work, you aren't out much but your time.

Original Posting Date: 8-2-2020

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