Pineapple Sage-What is this stuff??

Pineapple Sage-What is this stuff??

I was first introduced to pineapple sage on Mother's Day weekend.  As I was helping my mom plant a few things, she got out a package of seed she got from her sister. All it said was 'pineapple sage' so, doing what I do, I just threw some of the seeds in a small area and covered them up.  I had no idea how big the plants would get. -I know now!  Big.. Huge..

After planting the seeds at my mom's, I ran across the herb at a garden center and picked one up. When I was planning my weekly 'Plant of the Week' posts, I figured I should research this bad boy and share what I learn.  Well, here it is in a nutshell.

Zone:  Pineapple sage is grown as an annual in the northern states and as a perennial in warmer 6 and up. It is typically hardy to 20 degrees.

Habit:  Pineapple sage likes sandy, well drained soil and plenty of sunshine. Here is where I went wrong.. This herb gets tall; 4 to 5 feet tall to be exact.  It will tend to be a bit smaller 3-4 feet tall when grown in less than ideal conditions.  Care should be taken when planting as it will block out the sun from those around it. (I need to move mine into a pot)

Flowers:  This sage is know for it's beautiful red flowers that show late in the season.  In colder climates, the plant should have a long enough season to flower, but it is very possible the hummingbirds have already headed south and will not be able to enjoy the flowers. 

Uses: Pineapple sage leaves and flowers are typically used fresh. 

  • Use them to add color and flavor to summer time drinks paired with pineapple juice or lime.
  • The flowers are pretty frozen in cubes and added to a drink. 
  • Add pineapple sage to fruit based dishes or ice cream.
  • Pineapple sage can be used medicinally. Do your research before using in that manner. 

Well, that is all I know so far.  I'll give more info as I discover it.  Share what you know by commenting on this post!  We are all here to learn from each other. 

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