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Kids Garden Package | Play in the Dirt with a Purpose

Kids Garden Package | Play in the Dirt with a Purpose

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Gardening is the joy and skill that will last for a lifetime. Imagine the little ones in your life growing their very own garden.  Keep their interest all summer long while secretly teaching them responsibility, patience, and nature.  Not sure you know how to start a garden?  No worries!  Included is 3 pages of growing and teaching tips! 

Teach how plants grow, the benefit of each plant, and how it fits into nature.

  • Carrots-root vegetable. Healthy food that teaches patience because you can't see the carrot until its is ready to harvest.
  • Sunflower-tall and beautiful. Observe the bird and bees on the flower.
  • Zinnia-colorful flower. One of the butterfly's favorites!
  • Pole Bean-healthy eating vine plant.  Grows fast!
  • Pumpkin-fall producing vine. See how big they will get!!

Included in the package:

  • 5-9" tall Preprinted plant markers: Carrot, Zinnia, Sunflower, Pole Bean, & Pumpkin
  • Digital downloads:
    • Kid's Garden Journal: 4 page PDF digital download.  Print as many pages for each variety as you need. (Watermark will not be on the digital download)
    • Adult/child gardening tips: Never gardened before? 3 pages with gardening tips. 
    • Coloring pages 
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